Assistant Professor of Household Finance
Department of Money and Macroeconomics and SAFE
Goethe University Frankfurt
I will be visiting the research department of the SF Fed from December 1 to April 1, 2019. I am available for job interviews at the AEA meetings in Atlanta.
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Phone: +1 510 209 9808

Research Interests: Household Finance, Labor Economics, Applied Macroeconomics


Risk Aversion and Religion (with Charles Noussair, Stefan Trautmann, and Gijs van de Kuilen) Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, October 2013, vol. 47(2) pp. 165-183.
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Explaining Intra-Monthly Consumption Patterns: The Timing of Income or the Timing of Consumption Commitments?

Inflation Expectations and Choices of Households (with Mirko Wiederholt)

The Impact of Long-Run Macroeconomic Experiences on Personality

Framing Effects in an Employee Savings Scheme: A Non-Parametric Analysis (with Peter Kooreman, Bertrand Melenberg and Henriette Prast)

Goal Setting and Gym Attendance: A Field Experiment (with Peter Kooreman and Henriette Prast)